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How Yoga Changed Me

Happiness lies neither in the melancholy nor in the joyous...

Quiet, clean, holy, innocent,

In the stream of incessant love

Am I dipped,

Neither the shadows of love,

Nor the sprinkles of senses,

Staring into the calm of the hollow,

Imagining the goal,

Enlightening the soul,

Do I step forward the way

That twists and turns into the void,

As the heart finds only one thing,

Peace, peace and more peace.

In its purest form, Yoga involves salvation i.e. freedom from life cycle. However, different people have different versions. For some, Yoga is alternative therapy. For some, Yoga is pastime. There are umpteen other ways to define or take it. For me, Yoga has been one such different way.

The Teachings of Yoga

My personal life has been full of turbulences. There have been slipups as well as hikes. I have been practicing Yoga since the last six years and have been rewarded with a wee bit of wisdom. I may not be the wisest of men around but am definitely a lot wiser than six years before. Yoga has made me understand that happiness lies neither in the melancholy nor in the joyous, that success lies neither in the past nor in the future, that everything is temporary whether it be the good times or the hard times. During hard times, one should never lose heart for there is always the chance to bounce back. As the old saying goes, one’s character is tested during the hard times. It is these times when a Yoga practitioner is aided by wisdom and fearlessness – a characteristic that develops on regular practice over a period of time. This does not mean that a Yoga practitioner is above the hard times; it’s only that he handles them better.

Another positive result of Yoga practice is the treatment of success. Yoga has taught and programmed me to be in the present. Earlier, I often got caught either in the past or in the future. Failures and negative incidents of the past haunted me whereas insecurity and uncertainty of the future worried me. Things changed with regular meditation.


Delhi, India

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