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We Are a Bundle of Amazing Conscious Energy. Just Pull the Blanks Down and Thy May Rediscover Yourself.

Our passions fade with time

Time has flown. Years have passed by. And have I just been a bystander waiting for my stars to garland me in life, I wonder. And then more years have passed by with me watching the clock tick. It has been years since I used to be a little bloke full of passion for the books in the library, for the equipment in my sports kit, and for the microphone box of course. The ever ticking clock has changed almost everything though.

The teenager who could cook himself under the beating sun for 9 long hours and get back to his bowling mark after 60 overs of bashing and bruising will take to profuse sweating and exhaustion after dishing out a couple of overs today. It's not just depletion in physical stamina but also heavy depletion in passion and love for the game. Unfortunately, active sports are not the only field in which things have hit the bottom. The microphone box that has been my bread and butter, I have completely lost the passion to explode upon it and fill the minds of the people with colors. I used to be a proficient sports feature writer but that passion too has disappeared with the ever ticking clock. I hardly write now.

Listen to the call of your heart

I remember how I compromised my studies and valuable friendships for the sake of my passions. And when my passions were paying me back with all their heart, I completely lost interest in them. I still wonder if overwork for more money, and the wild fire of rising up the career escalator had burnt me down.

Unfortunately, I was never able to sense it in my aggression, in my penchant for targets, or in my hunger to brush shoulders with the best in the business. I remember that when I was a little child, I used to dream a lot. As a young professional, I stopped dreaming and believed strictly in doing. The mantras of 'do it now or die', 'make it big ASAP', led to long strenuous working hours. Mornings were meant for sleep followed by American breakfast whereas days and nights were all work.

The result - In a few years, I found myself exhausted, bored, and annoyed. I found that what I got as a result of my hard work was not what I wanted. The facilities, the luxury, the work culture, the targets, the increased expectations from me, the luxurious vacations, the glamorous companions, nothing appealed to me anymore. I had taken to this world like a child takes to a pie but it all lost appeal so quickly.

My mind had hit point zero and I wanted to know what did I want? There were questions now, some very deep questions that I had to solve, spiritual ones. And so I went seeking out. It’s tough to find answers to such questions but if you do your life becomes meaningful again. If you don’t, then your descension will be rapid. In every aspect, you’ll be hurt – body, mind, wealth, relationships and spirit. However, I believe that the coming of this state of mind is good because it makes you watch over your deeds and thoughts with observing eyes. It is the call of your heart and as they say, the heart never lies.

Discover the power of the soul

It's all in the mind.” I once heard these lines from a close associate of mine. And each time I contemplate upon the actions that happened at the end of a day, I find these lines reverberating in my ears. It's almost as if that associate of mine is repeating those words again and again. And all this because it's true. It's so, so true.

I may not be a wise man but I believe that like all other humans, I am an intelligent being. I have powers - power of the mind, the intellect, the memory, the body, and the spirit. With these finite powers, I may not be able to move a mountain but I can certainly build one. My ancestors have proved that time and again. But there are times when I feel powerless as if everything has been taken away from me, as if I have forgotten everything. In such times, I draw a blank. In such times, I fail miserably. Without power, life becomes as good as hell. Nothing seems to be a rescuable force or tool during such times. Even meditation can draw a blank. The best thing to do at such times is to wait. Bad times always pass away just like good times. Perhaps that is why the saying - "Life has its ups and downs" exists.

But for some people at certain or many times, meditation works. Just pull the blanks down and thy may rediscover yourself. We are a bundle of amazing conscious energy. If we shut the outside world down for some time and divert the focus back towards our own inner self, peace would perhaps reign. It has worked for many people. May be it can help I, You, anybody or everybody as well. It is called meditation. May be it's the solution to our agony during the bad times. May be it's the key to discovering our greatest power – the power of the soul.

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