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We all are like Fallen Stars, Have created our own Hell and Are now finding difficulty in coming out of it.

Our bodies are not built to move mountains. May be we are not supposed to move mountains. Let's keep the Supermen safe in the mythologies. Let's respect the laws of nature and at the same time try to become something that does not show disrespect to anyone or anything - Soulman.

Mind Makes It Impossible

A human being is a soul, we all are souls. But have we really accepted, embraced and realized this fact? Are we living this truth or are we living in doubt? How many of us live like a soul - a pure one, in a human body on planet earth. We can find the answer in our lifestyle, in our karma, in our faith, in our connection with the energies, in our union or Yoga.

Becoming pure may take time, may seem difficult at times, may even seem impossible at times, but the truth is that it is very simple and very much possible. The very existence of the practice of meditation leading to Yoga is a proof. The very existence of magical amalgamations of Mudras, Asanas and Mantras as techniques of self help and transformation is a proof.

When we find walking on the path of purity impossible, know that what you found is actually what your mind is telling you. The mind has its attributes of pessimism, overconfidence and imagination that can actually produce a mirage for you. Something that is not true. Thus I find the saying “It’s all in the mind” brilliant.

Begin the Journey of a Soulman

Becoming a Soulman is actually a very exciting, adventurous and thrilling goal. It’s something like knowing yourself fully. In fact, it is indeed what the concept of Soulman means. And if you want to do this or have set out on this trip, don’t even think of worrying or wondering about the consequences. The bad attempt of getting into the future is a big no-no.

Meditation is the key to controlling the mind which is like an ever wandering spirit. This practice has been elaborated in the Geeta, in the Yoga Sutra, in the Holy Bible. It is a practice that comes right from the doors of the Universal Consciousness and has elevated infinite souls (rather resurrection may be the right word).

We all are like fallen stars, who have created their own hell through our overworking mind and intellect. This intellectophonia is like a net that we weaved, then jumped into it, and are now finding difficulty in coming out of it. The only way to come out of it is being one with the inner self.

We can easily live in bliss and purity but having succumbed to our ego and mind operations, are totally confused and unsure today. This is called suffering. The cycle of our minds is like a jumping jack. If we, as conscious souls, will follow it, we’ll be doomed to further suffering. Thus, as preached by the wise seers, Yogic practice is the key to control the mind and initiate our ascension.

Follow a Yogic Lifestyle

Yogic practice is not just meditation but actually a lifestyle that combines meditation twice a day for a minimum duration of 30 minutes a session (Sadhana), listening to discourse of the saints (Satsang), serving with complete faith & devotion (Seva), prayers (Prarthana Gaan), being on Satvik diet (vegetarian food, fruits & milk), performing some kriyas (cleansing of body parts), Asanas (physical postures in sync with the flow of breath) and Pranayam (regulated breathing) once a day, Swadhyay (reading the holy scriptures that are infused with divine energy), and Sadbhav (devotion & positive feelings) that will make you perform Satkarm (good deeds).

Basic knowledge of Yogic principles is very important particularly for a spiritual seeker or meditator. If the practitioner is unaware of the principles and the truth about different Yogic experiences, then he/she can easily fall into the trap of misperceiving their meditative experiences.

This precious wisdom can be known by studying the Yogic scriptures such as Hath Yoga Pradipika, and listening to spiritual discourses. One must also consult a profound Yoga Guru (Master) in case there is any lack of clarity regarding an experience. If we follow this path, we can certainly begin the journey back to purity, back to actually realizing who we are – an Atman (Soul).

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