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How to Conquer Our Fear

“Inner Fear Handicaps Us, Makes Us Weak. To Be Successful, The Fear Factor Has To Be Taken Care Of.”

Story of a kid named Santhanam

There used to be a kid with no experience of any work. He was thin and fragile. Named Santhanam, he had lost his parents to one of those cataclysmic floods of the South. As the local folks say, "Godavari Amma takes away all when angry; when the sins increase and the lands being fed by the amma are polluted with the disgraceful acts of heinous inhabitants, Amma rouses in anger and washes away all settlements that had been home to many sins. All this happens so that there is a new beginning, a new lease of hope for those who want to walk on the path of righteousness."

Santhanam believed that Amma had taken his parents away to a more secure place so that he could understand this world sans any assumptions or prerogatives. Santhanam knew he had to show the courage since his early days to stand on his own feet unlike the other kids in the neighborhood who had still not forgotten their lullabies. He believed that he had been blessed by amma to be different, to be special.

While the other kids of the village went to school, Santhanam had to work with the fishermen and the boatmen. He felt a special connection with the river and believed that this river would take care of him providing all the necessities of life. Santhanam worked in the river, came to know the nuances of his trade from a young age, and developed the ability to sustain in life. The river teaches one many lessons, and Santhanam learnt most of them. Unlike the other kids, he lived all by himself in a shack on the coast of the river. Spending the night alone on a river coast under the starry sky, working all day for a living, the boy lived a life what may seem very tough to others. But for Santhanam, that which would stir fear in others was run of the mill. He became tough, fearless, independent, patient and calm at a very young age.

Finding Happiness

This is not just a fiction, it's a reality we can witness when we travel to different places. We need to come out of our boardroom meetings and living room couches to understand that fat purses and blue chip deals are not the only definitions of success. Success covers a very large canvas, it has a lot of underwater philosophy about it. When we travel to different places, meet a variety of people, we start learning lessons which had always been there right in front of our eyes but being obsessed by our desires, we had failed to find happiness in each bend of time.

Being Fearless

Whoever we are, wherever we are, the fact is that we are always in a position to do a reversal. We may have hit the rock bottom in our life, but there is always hope of the odds turning in our favor. To materialize this hope, we need to conquer our fear. Fear can cause panic, can make us weak, can make us succumb, can make us lose. On the contrary, if we are not afraid, if we tackle the pessimism that can give birth to fear through some simple tools from the book of Yoga, we can win. Often, it is our inner fear that handicaps us. To make this journey smooth, be more assured, the fear factor has to be taken care of.

The Lesson of the Story

From the life of Santhanam, we can understand that there are two ways to approach life. One is to blame the pebbles that sit tight on our path and fear thinking about the consequences of running over them.

The other way is to look at those very pebbles as opportunities.

In a nutshell, we must never forget or overlook the brighter side of any subject or object. Those who look at the brighter side find themselves under the bright sun whereas those who tend to look only at the cloudy side suffer.


Delhi, India

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