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Bali Spirit Festival 2018

The Bali Spirit Festival is one of the brightest Yoga festivals that happens around the world every year. This year 2018 was no different. Held at The Bali Purnati Centre of Arts in Ubud, Bali where the Bali Spirit Festival saw its 1st edition years back, the 2018 edition was hence themed as “Back to its Source”. And all Yoga seekers know very well that “Back to its source” is the very meaning and goal of Yoga practice as well.

Bali Purnati was lush greenery combined with fantastic work by the organizers. The 7 day festival had healing huts where more than 20 healers were at work healing people, sessions by over 100 experts from across the globe that begun from early morning and went on till the evening, the Dharma Fair with over 50 vendors exhibiting and selling Organic, Yoga and Herbal products, a beautiful pool, the Kids’ Zone with a lot of fun and activities for all the children and the Coco Love Stage for musical performances and sessions.

The much awaited festival began on 2nd April and concluded on April 8. While the festival had been organized just perfectly and very organically, what really stood out was the spirit, the freedom, the celebration of life that happened at a mass scale. Thousands of participants, over 100 experts, loads of soulful music, lush greenery, local Balinese cuisine, and the best thing certainly was the environment. You hardly find it in your city life. It was not an escape but a platform to learn, learn to express, learn to live consciously, learn to share, and learn to love. Every soul seemed to be having the time of their life. And remarkably, even with so many people at one place, there was no chaos, no mismanagement. Everything looked and felt perfect and so well organized

The morning Yoga and breathwork sessions were really amazing. Even the panel discussions at the media centre were a great learning. Tymi Howard, Amber Sawyer, Bex Tyrer, Cat Kabira, Chocolako, Ebony Smith, Janet Stone, Leo Rising, Mark Whitwell, Nadine Mcneil, Nino Mendes among others. The nights were dedicated to DJ music and dance. It was really hanging out till late night. ...

What makes Bali Spirit Festival unique is the diverse West meets East cultural fusion across the festival programming and venue. Attendees experience Balinese culture, spirituality and mesmerizing nature, the perfect setting for attendees to evolve, connect to each other and be creatively inspired. The feeling of community and practice of karma yoga and giving back is strongly felt at Bali Spirit Festival.

BaliSpirit Festival continues to support change and transformation: for attendees, communities and Bali BaliSpirit Festival is one of South East Asia’s biggest annual yoga, dance and music festivals. The goal of the BaliSpirit Festival is to awaken and nourish each individual’s potential.


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