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Meet Yoshi Aono and Dayna Seraye - the founders of the Hanuman Festival

Dayna Seraye

Namaste Yogis. Greetings from Rishikesh. I am Dayna and this is Yoshi. We are here at Sattva at Rishikesh with the beautiful Yogic Herald magazine. So grateful to be here. We have Hanuman festival Academy and adventures and we have just been here at the International Yoga festival and the Hanuman adventure here at Rishikesh.

It was a wonderful time soaking up the nectar in this beautiful land of the birthplace of Yoga. We really experienced the teachings of Yoga and would take those home to the West and help others to realize that they are truly amazing, magnificent beings capable of the most wonderful heroic feats that Hanuman teaches us. We all have the infinite strength within us to do wonderful, amazing things from where we bring our hearts and minds together in service. Yoshi Aono

We’d like to express immense gratitude to Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Ji and all the sevaks who put their innerness in the Yoga festival. We’ve experienced so many yoga festivals around the planet and for us, the international yoga festival at Rishikesh is the global event. It is magical how all of the countries come together and assemble in the Yoga capital Rishikesh to practice together to learn and transform.

For us, it’s Hanuman in the US. It’s so nice to see the devotion that people have towards the practice. So immense gratitude to the team at Parmarth Ashram. We appreciate you and that is what our intention was with Hanuman festival. It is to present the deeper layers of the practice of Yoga in the Western world. We are based in Colorado, USA at a town called Boulder which is a very congested town set in nature, in space that is held very safe and sacred for all the practitioners who come to Hanuman festivals. There is a very beautiful tuning we have with IYF and we appreciate that. My heartiest thanks to all the readers of Yogic Herald.


Delhi, India

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