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Weakness and fatigue at workplace all the time? Can Ayurveda reclaim your health?

Recently I met a friend on the way and asked, “Hey, How are you doing?” He said, “Oh! I’m feeling so weary, had to simply drag myself to office today.” Well, this is not a rare reply to hear from people at work these days.

The complaints of weakness and fatigue are among the most common and challenging problems encountered by physicians or doctors. Tiredness can negatively impact performance at work, family and social life. There can be multiple causes of weakness and fatigue, like, lack of nutritional diet, lasting illness, depression, stress, excess alcohol and smoking, etc. Ayurveda provides a wonderful result with its perfect treatment to cure fatigue and weakness.

Top Recommended Herbs to Help the Body Regain its Strength and Vigor

  1. Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is one of Ayurveda’s most highly acclaimed adaptogens, which helps in energizing the body and in easy and restful sleep at night. Physical and mental issues related to fatigue, stress and weakness are beautifully relieved using this herb. It is an overall health tonic. It is a good antioxidant. Regular intake of the multi effect ashwagandha capsule is a perfect solution. Ashwagandha provides a calming effect to the body after applying it as an oil.

  2. Shilajit – Shilajit is a wonderful herbal remedy and is widely known in India as the ‘Destroyer of Weakness’. It is regarded as a Rasayana Herb and a natural herb, which increases the body’s resistance to stress and trauma. It also works wonder as an effective herbal remedy for chronic fatigue. It suppresses vata as well as kapha and balances pitta. Shilajit Sudh, Safed Musali, Kesar (Saffron), Shatavar and Moti Bhasma herbs are well known for their effectiveness in treating general weakness problem and improves the overall health.

  3. Haritaki – Haritaki is known as the ‘King of Medicines’ and serves remarkable health benefits. The herb helps in improving appetite and helps in digestion. It is highly beneficial in anemia. Mix the powder with honey and ghee for an effective remedy of anemia. Haritaki helps in reducing toxins from the body. It acts as an immunity booster and increases longevity if the powder is taken after frying it in ghee.

  4. Guggul – Guggul is a key component in Ayurvedic medicine, its highly potent rejuvenating properties help in revitalizing the cells. Its combination with other herbs enriches it with powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating qualities. Guggul pacifies vata, pitta, and kapha, though it is especially renowned for alleviating vata aggravations. It clears toxins from the tissues and channels while rejuvenating them. It is a wonderful herb to reduce fatigue and lethargy.

  5. Lauh Bhasma – Lauh Bhasma is a mineral based ayurvedic medicine which helps the body to stay strong and energized. It increases blood nutrients carrying capacities and cures anemia and iron deficiency. It has digestive stimulant properties and increases appetite. It is a vital medicine for weakness. This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision.


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