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Apply these 4 keys to transform your health and mind in 3 weeks


You reap what you sow. Therefore it is very important to safeguard your future, safeguard your samskara and pay heed to the teachings of the Masters by indulging in Sat karma (positive actions or acting in a positive state). Participating in rituals like Vedic Yajna/Homa has been termed as the greatest act or greatest karma. Through Yajna, we not only purify our body and mind but also purify the environment.


One who sticks to the routine of daily prayers to the Supreme Consciousness and contemplation of his qualities, worldly instincts cease to exist in him and eventually with time, faith, and devotion and love for all begin to surface. So, pure, simple, humble, patient contemplation and winning over the senses would help us proceed on the way of praying to the divine. Leaving aside worldly desires and the desire of salvation, we should pray to the Lord. Regular practice of meditation and refraining from impure thoughts, impure food, impure environment, impure people and impure actions help a person consolidate the grip of his or her consciousness over the dhyana point.


The more pure one’s heart is, the more he can taste the joys of devotion. That is why; one should pray and praise the Lord every morning and evening. When such pure samskaras and feelings would come out of our hearts, only then, would one get rid of his malign qualities and good traits would find place in his heart. This way, by getting enriched with the pure samskara one can get enlightened with Bhuma Vidya. Therefore, pray in the morning, in the middle of the day and in the evening, and that as you increase the amount of prayer in your life you spread the wealth and encourage others around you to do the same.


When Patanjali says, “Atha Yoganush-Asanam,” he means that if you really want to unfold yourself, you first should learn to discipline yourself. People are afraid of the word “discipline.” Discipline is not a punishment. You will enjoy it once you know it. Discipline means self-commitment. The discipline you need to learn in this science, to follow the path for the inward journey, is not the discipline that you already have. You have to understand this subtle point. Learning in the external world is entirely different from yoga discipline. In the external world you move. However, when you want to go to the deeper levels of your being, stillness is important. In all other journeys you have to move. In this journey you do not have to move at all.


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