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Mount Kailas

The moment one stands in front of the Kailash Parvat, one can feel a chill going up the spine. Such is the magnetic aura of this pyramid shaped mountain. Tears rolling down the cheeks as pilgrims or meditators gaze at the Kailash is not an uncommon spectacle here. Those who camp here (in mountain bags) can also experience the shaping and transforming of their entire personality here.

Located 3000 kms deep into Tibet from Uttarakhand in India, Mount Kailash famously known in India as Kailash Parvat is a natural and spiritual wonder. At an altitude of 3500 m above sea level with a snow capped peak, the Kailash has an almost unparalleled mystical aura about it. Home to the ancient religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bon Pos, Kailash has something magnetic about it. When it comes to mythological significance, it is second to none. Considered to be the abode of the great Hindu deity and Mahayogi Lord Shiva, Kailash has also been home to the great Yogi Padmasambhava and the Buddhist monk Milarepa. In most ways, it is the greatest destination for pilgrimage in the world.

Pilgrims from India flock to Kailash every year in search of salvation and knowledge. It is believed that whoever comes to this place with pure faith goes back with an open heart and a possible darshan of the great Lord Shiva. It is also believed that whoever performs 108 circumambulations of the mountain attains salvation (freedom from the cycle of death and birth).

However researchers from Russia way back during the World War II claimed that Mount Kailash was a pyramid and it was located in the center of 108 such pyramids. According to the Puranas of Hinduism, this Mountain is the one that has been referred to as Meru Parvat and is the center of the Universe. Thus it has also been termed as the Axis Mundi by some.

Reaching this great mountain is not so easy. The only way to reach here is through trekking. One has to cover more than 100 kms on foot/pony to reach this place. Once you reach this place, you can either stay in a mountain camp or board at the Ashtapada guest house.

It is also believed that four rivers originate near the Kailash Parvat that divide the world into 4 parts.


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