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Soul Stirring Sissu

The journey from Kullu to Leh is a lifetime experience

in itself. Kullu is known as ‘Devalaya’ (land of the

lords) and along with Manali, it is a beaut with the

gentle Beas river and a spring at almost every step.

But when one hikes the Rohtang Pass, the heights of

the Himalaya scare you for the first time. Coming down

from Rohtang, one enters the Lahaul & Spiti region of

Himachal Pradesh which is getting more and more

popular with the tourists these days.

Sissu, a small remote town located in the Lahaul valley at an altitude of 3120 m above sea level, is an unexplored destination in this region.

We camped in Sissu on the banks of the Chandra river

just 50 m from an amazing waterfall “Palden Lhamo

Dhar”. While meditating in the open, we all could feel

the vibration of the waterfall that is considered very

sacred here. Some of us could even listen to the

vibration during a state of sleep in the night. Evenings,

though cold, were a paradise under the starry sky. We

trekked to the waterfall on our second day and

performed Yajna (fire ceremony) chanting

mantras for syncing with the elements within.

Starry nights, Sunny days, Mystical Waterfall, Remote

surroundings, Quiet Gompa, and Inner vibrations made

our 3 day stay in Sissu only wanting for more and

perhaps the most soul touching experience of life.


Delhi, India

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