Ushapaan: A Healthy Way to Start Your Day

November 25, 2017

Ushapaan is a famous Ayurvedic practice of drinking water in the morning.

Ushapaan is done in the Ushakaal which is the time 45 minutes  before the sun rise. Now a days very few people wake up before sunrise.

You can do it at any time before 8 in the morning. A regular U


Ushapaan helps in keeping the body healthy. It brings glow on the face and gets rid of many diseases and disorders like
headaches, blood pressure, anemia, obesity, liver problems, gastritis, etc. Ushapaan uses water that has been kept overnight in the copper vessel. After getting up in the morning before you brush your teeth, you should drink this
water as much as you can. One liter is sufficient for average weight person. Water should be lukewarm. Don’t drink or eat anything for at least for next 45 minutes.

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