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This issue we bring to you a beautiful piece on Resolutions penned by May McCarthy. There are half a dozen features on Yoga asanas that can actually relieve you from all kinds of physical stress. One of them is on weight loss while there is another on relief from diabetes by Shashi Kumar. The beginning of a year also calls for positive change and wisdom. Yoga Master Acharya Girish Jha throws light on mindfulness, meditation & Yoga whereas Leonard Perlmutter writes about transforming the energy within. This issue, our representative meets a Yoga Guru from Rishikesh in the Himalayas Anand Mehrotra. Anand opens up on the various aspects of Yoga including relevance, meaning of life, and residing in the inner silence within. Our cover feature this month is titled “Live Life Live Consciousness” which details on the journey from our current state to Dharana and from Dharana to Dhyana. It makes a great read for meditators and seekers of truth. This apart, there are features on Pranic Science, Healing and lots more.

Jan 2018

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